Dr Napper, Aberfeldy, Perthshire

SOLARDOME Haven - geodesic greenhouse - Aberfeldy, Perthshire,Dr Napper needed a geodesic shaped greenhouse as he knew it was the only shape to have the strength and durability to withstand the harsh Scottish environment.

Aberfeldy is situated at a bend of the mighty River Tay, Scotland’s longest river. Famed for its dramatic mountains, lochs and unspoilt nature, this exposed, windy area is also well known for its cool climate, with regular and heavy snowfall in the winter.

When considering a greenhouse, Dr Napper knew that the strength and durability of geodesic domes would be the only structure to stand up to the harshest weather conditions, and so began a search for suppliers of such glasshouses. His search – and familiarity of other Solardome® glasshouses seen in gardens throughout the UK – led him to conclude that a Solardome® glasshouse was the only solidly constructed geodesic greenhouse available. Other designs just would not stand up to the frequent gales.

Proven strength

Dr. Napper’s research paid off, with his Solardome® glasshouse standing strong during the harsh winter of 2010.

“When snow-loaded farmstead roofs and polytunnels came down all around us, our Solardome® glasshouse came sailing through.”

More than gardening

Mainly used as a garden greenhouse, his SOLARDOME® Haven is large enough to be used as a ‘sitooterie‘ (summerhouse / gazebo), enabling Dr Napper to maximise enjoyment of his garden in the cool spring and autumn months.

Dr. Napper has also enlisted the help of a horticultural equipment company to supply custom-built aluminium staging, which, combined with the build quality and stability of the Solardome® glasshouse, has helped him to realise his very own gale-proof greenhouse dream.

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