Apple Tree Court, Salford, Manchester

Urban-Oasis-2‘Urban Oasis’ highlights value of self-help and community spirit  

A SOLARDOME® Retreat is the focal point of a self-help project initiated by the tenants of a high rise block of flats at Apple Tree Court, Salford, Manchester. Featuring an ‘urban oasis’ of orchards, allotments, ponds, a wildflower meadow and meeting area, the project demonstrates how local communities can tackle and solve problems through their own actions.

Occupants of the 16-storey block of flats in inner city Salford formed a Tenant’s Association and were awarded grants from the BT/WWF Environmental Conservation Award and the National Lottery Charities Board to kick-start their project. Many of them missed the gardens and community life they had in their old back-to-back houses.

The initiative was championed by Professor David Bellamy who visited the ‘Urban Oasis’ garden exhibit recreated at the Southport Flower Show. He said:  “This is one of the great role models of how towns and cities are going to have to be developed in the future.”

A Solardome® glasshouse is an excellent focus for community engagement projects and creates a unique, sociable space for people to enjoy and share. With their versatility and ability to act as both a striking centrepiece and covered shelter, a Solardome® glasshouse is ideal for the whole community to invest in.

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