Belmont School

Meeting objectives for vocational learning.

Belmont School, Gloucester Vocational learningBelmont School in Gloucester, whose pupils experience a variety of moderate learning difficulties, purchased a SOLARDOME® Retreat in 2011, primarily to teach horticulture as accredited study.

As a result, the school has improved its ability to meet objectives for vocational teaching at key stage four – something that was recognised in its latest OFSTED report, which stated:

‘The newly installed ‘Solardome’ and the numerous raised beds, for example, enable the school to offer accredited study in horticulture on site.’

What a school representative said

Outdoor Learning Coordinator, Helen Jones, explained: “Before we had the dome we would bus pupils to a nearby outdoor learning centre for their horticultural course, which was time-consuming, expensive and a health and safety headache.

Belmont Special School, Gloucester horticultural vocational courses“This investment means we now have a dedicated facility onsite, which is timetabled every day and can be used in all weathers for accredited study.

“Since work was completed we have adopted the square foot gardening method for our horticultural course, where pupils have their own patches to grow and monitor whatever they want.

“As an inclusive space that inspires young minds there really is nothing quite like it – we feel it has been a very worthwhile endeavour.” She added.

Why they chose us

Belmont School aims to provide a varied and challenging curriculum that fosters enjoyment in learning, develops lively enquiring minds and instils a positive attitude to lifelong learning.

Their desire to give students a truly inspirational learning experience meant they shared the same values as us.

At a glance

School Belmont School, Gloucestershire, UK
A special school for boys and girls aged 4 to 16
The challenge To provide an inspiring outdoor classroom for horticultural vocational courses.
The solution SOLARDOME® Retreat
Dome specification 4-frequency geodesic dome
Diameter – 6.11m/ 20ft 1in
Height – 3.4m/ 11ft 2in
Volume – 66m3/ 2331ft3
Floor area – 29.32m2/ 315ft2

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