Horshader Community Development

Horshader Community Centre, Isle of Lewis (8)Horshader Community Development is a development trust on the remote Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. It was established as a community-owned not-for-profit organisation in 2004.

After seeing one of our domes at a neighbouring green initiative, their members knew that the same thing would be ideal for their Community Growing Project.

A propagation facility

Horshader members wanted a reliable propagation facility that would extend the growing season, maximise yield and reduce mortality.
Horshader Community Development
This would be the plant creation ‘laboratory’ that would feed the polytunnels and ultimately feed the people.

To work properly the facility needed unimpeded light all year round, plus the structural attributes to stand up to ferocious Atlantic weather.

So when the islanders saw a Solardome® glasshouse at the nearby Great Green Bernera Project, they were immediately convinced it was the best option for them too.

As a result, they ordered the SOLARDOME® Haven, which we installed in good time for the 2014 growing season.

About the Horshader Growing Project

Horshader’s Community Growing Project is undertaken in partnership with the local authority, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, which has provided funding, as has the Climate Challenge Fund.

The project features four food-growing polytunnels that yield fresh fruit and vegetables for the community all year round. It also provides an accessible covered space for community members to grow their own produce in the form of two allotment tunnels.

The Community Growing Project aims to:

  • Cut carbon emissions by increasing consumption of locally grown fruit and vegetables.
  • Make better use of underused croft land/common grazing land.
  • Reduce social isolation by bringing people together through opportunities for volunteering and working in the community allotment Polycrubs (hard skinned polytunnels).
  • Increase healthy eating through the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Minimise environmental impact through tool sharing and recycling, rain water harvesting.
  • Reduce car use.

In their own words

Horshader Development Officer, Angela McLeod, said:

“The Solardome glasshouse is a very important part of the project as it allows seeds to be propagated by the Project Gardener, as well as the allotment holders, in a bid to extend the growing season in the Polycrubs.

“The Solardome team were excellent to work with right through from the initial enquiry through to the after service to ensure that we were completely informed and happy at all times. They gave realistic delivery and construction timescales which meant we could schedule in other work around this. Altogether our experience has been positive.

“Community members and visitors to the dome are totally fascinated by it. Some have visited with a view of investing in one for their own garden, others are just curious.”

Stay in touch with the project by following www.facebook.com/HorshaderGrowing and www.horshader.com

Update December 2014

Horshader Community Growing Project was awarded the prestigious 2014 SURF Award for Best Practice in Community Led Regeneration.

The project was praised for its inspiring work by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs. The SURF Awards are delivered each year by SURF, an independent network of regeneration organisations, in partnership with the Scottish Government. The purpose is to highlight, celebrate and share excellence and innovation in initiatives designed to address social and economic challenges in communities across Scotland. David Wright, Chairman of Horshader Community Development said, “We are overjoyed at winning this prestigious award and are pleased that the judges recognised the quality and potential benefits of this project. We would like to thank everyone who has worked with us to make this the success it is.” For more information on SURF and the 2014 awards, visit www.scotregen.co.uk/surf-awards

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The challenge To provide a strong and reliable propagation greenhouse that would extend the growing season.
The solution SOLARDOME® Haven
Dome specification 3-frequency geodesic dome
Diameter – 4.61m/15ft 01in
Height – 3.05m/ 10ft 01in
Volume – 34m3 / 1200ft3
Area – 16.69m2 / 179.65ft2

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