Stormont House School

Stormont-House-School-Case-Study-1Engaging pupils who learn differently

Stormont House School in Hackney, East London is a secondary special school for 100 pupils aged 11-16 with multiple complex needs. It aims to be a unique, world class school which places creativity at the heart of excellent teaching and learning. It develops and sustains vibrant partnerships and delivers first-class resources and infrastructure.

Inspired by a visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall, pupils at the school decided to develop a unique, outdoor learning environment in which to host their own eco system.  Using photography, sketches and digital technology they worked closely with a landscape gardener, a digital media company and leading dome manufacturer, Solardome Industries, to recreate their mini-Eden hothouse.

Following the planning stage, pupils were encouraged to help fill the dome, giving them the opportunity to learn about the germination of seeds, discover different soil types and investigate the climatic needs of rare tropical plants.

Since their combined Science and Art project, ‘Interdependence,’ went live, the school has continued to work within the dome. It has now been reformed into an arid land and continues to be a great resource for all subject areas of the school.

Tracey Napier, Curriculum Enrichment and Extension Coordinator, at the school comments:

“Our pupils have further extended their use of the dome. It has proved to be an excellent environment for seed growth and this has been put to full use with pupils growing a variety of vegetables to be planted throughout the school grounds. Not only has this given pupils a therapeutic outdoor learning experience but also a building block through which sustainability and enterprise can be supported within the school curriculum.”

The initial project was funded by Creative Partnerships, the Government’s flagship creativity programme for schools and young people. Managed by the Arts Council, it focused on the most deprived communities in England. It is now known as ‘A New Direction’.

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