Case Studies > Showing: SOLARDOME® Pod

Mr & Mrs Viaene, Leuven, Belgium

Belgian couple chose a Solardome® POD as an idyllic reading room and relaxing spot.
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Jimmy’s Lodge, South Bank, London

Stylish pop-up restaurant used Solardome® glasshouses to host festive diners on the South Bank.
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Mr & Mrs Roberts, Norway

Mr & Mrs Roberts chose to self-build a SOLARDOME® Pod on their Norwegian island to provide a space to grow and to gaze up at the night sky.
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Mr Maxwell, Ibiza

The POD has changed the way Richard uses his home: “It allows us to make more of the roof terrace in winter and have our family visit our flat in Ibiza.”
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SOLARDOME POD, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Mr & Mrs Jones, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Mr & Mrs Jones became interested in having a geodesic dome greenhouse, but at the time the smallest dome was too large for their compact garden. Then the SOLARDOME® POD was launched; which was the perfect size.
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