Cafes and restaurants

Amaze guests at your cafe or restaurant with our unique geodesic domes.

Make your dining area the place to be for family gatherings, client meetings or afternoon tea by adding an inspiring and versatile Solardome® glasshouse to your premises.

Our domes are quick to build, efficient, long-lasting and low maintenance. You can provide dining facilities – which are elegant and functional – in no time at all.

Permanent structures

Dining in a PRO dome

Extend your restaurant facilities by making use of your outdoor space. Our domes are ideal for alfresco dining – minus the wind chill – and watching the world go by with 360-degree views.

Create a romantic getaway for couples in individual PODs or comfortably fit a group of friends around a table for up to 12 in our Solardome® Haven.

Temporary uses

Create a unique seasonal eating experience with a Solardome® glasshouse. Ideal for pop-up restaurants and overcoming potential planning permission barriers.

See how our Solardome® PODs provided special dining experiences at Jimmy’s Lodge in London.

Your new venture

Create a larger, bespoke dining space – perfect for weddings and conferences – with our Solardome® Sanctuary or Solardome® Paradise, or you can opt for our Solardome® PRO system for fully insulated and controllable environments up to 20m in diameter.

Hilton Court Gardens

Hilton Court Gardens

Hilton Court Gardens has been running for over 25 years, at the centre of the gardens is a magnificent 10m Solardome® glasshouse, aptly named the ‘Paradise’ model.
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Wellwood Centre

The Wellwood Centre

The Wellwood Centre in Ireland sits in eight acres of beautifully landscaped grounds where everyone is really impressed by the warm, light and airy space in the dome.
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©ecoYoga Centre

Hotels and leisure facilities

Maximise your outdoor area - for hotels, B&B's and leisure facilities looking for additional space or planning a new outdoor leisure area, our elegant domes create a striking design statement that is also functional and cost-effective.

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Quality, bespoke corporate exhibition stands – our domes or spheres are perfect for transforming exhibitions into a unique, attention-grabbing and modern space.

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Biodome glasshouses

Our glasshouses create ideal biodomes to replicate different environments from a lush jungles to an arid deserts.

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SOLARDOME Retreat - Oasis Community Project, Worksop

Community projects

A unique community feature and multi-functional space – with their multitude of uses and ability to be a striking centre-piece, covered shelter, and functional space for urban agriculture our domes are ideal for the whole community to share.

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Cafes and restaurants

Amaze guests at your cafe or restaurant with our unique geodesic domes, which can be assembled quicker than you might think.

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SOLARDOME Paradise, Hilton Court, Haverfordwest

Visitor facilities

An extra dimension to customer experience – our geodesic domes are proving the ideal solution to enhancing the experience of visitors and customers to key attractions, garden centres, galleries, museums and hotels.

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SOLARDOME Retreat, Albany Prison Hospice, IOW


Enhancing the healing environment – with their natural light and tranquil, ‘back to nature’ feeling, our domes are providing an innovative approach to therapeutic and rehabilitation activities in the wellbeing and healthcare sector.

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