Enhancing the healing environment

With their natural light and tranquil, ‘back to nature’ feeling, Solardome® geodesic domes create a wonderful restorative environment. Our domes provide an innovative approach to therapeutic and rehabilitation centres in the wellbeing and healthcare sector.

Care homes, hospitals, retirement villages and healthcare providers are being encouraged to take advantage of the outdoor environment in the shape of a garden. A dome is ideal for patients and residents to take in fresh air, exercise and sunlight whilst still in a sheltered environment. Our domes make excellent horticultural therapy hubs, hydrotherapy rooms and can add a functional and stunning focal point to existing outdoor rehabilitation areas.

Solardome® geodesic domes are also being used by several of our customers for Reiki and Yoga, healing and therapy sessions. They are also used simply as a tranquil, calming spaces in which to relax and reflect in healthy natural daylight all year round.

Where space is at a premium, creating a multipurpose outdoor room that can allow for residents to safely enjoy recreational activities or provide a break away space for patients and visitors a dome is ideal. It is quick to install, spacious, long-lasting and low-maintenance making it a very efficient use of space.

Depending on your project, you can choose from our standard commercial domes 3.6m-10.1m diameter, or for larger projects we have our SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system for domes ranging from 7.2m-25m diameter.

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Our Solardome® geodesic domes in healthcare

SOLARDOME Retreat, Albany Prison Hospice, IOW

Albany Prison Hospice

A Solardome® glasshouse forms a pivotal part of an ‘Enhancing the Healing Environment’ project to improve the end of life care facilities for hospice patients at HM Prison on the Isle of Wight.
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Inside SOLARDOME Retreat at Mandalay House, Oxford & Buckinghamshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Oxford and Buckinghamshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Patients using the rehabilitation services at Mandalay House now have an exciting new outdoor space to use, thanks to a £35,000 project to improve their environment.
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Brindaavan Care Home

Since his success in using a Solardome skylight to improve quality of life for residents at a care home in Wales, architect Tim Worsfold has picked up more work in the healthcare sector. We spoke to him about the project at Brindaavan Care Home…
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