If you’re looking for a striking alternative to a traditional building, take a look at SOLARDOME® PRO and bring your grand design to life.

The SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system can create awe-inspiring bespoke geodesic domes from 7.2m to 25m diameter. With the complex design work already taken care of, you’ll be able to install your customised dome surprisingly quickly. Each dome is precision designed and engineered to last so you get high performance and quality, guaranteed.

SOLARDOME PRO 7.2M Watford rooftop_web

Dome buildings

Ideal for free-standing classrooms, music and dance studios, leisure facilities, theatres, sports halls, and dome homes.
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SOLARDOME PRO, Norway in the snow

Glass dome enclosures

Experience the warmth and comfort of completely natural light and create your own micro-climate that’s a delight to be in.
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SOLARDOME PRO skylight Austria


Our skylights add a touch of class to rooftop design, bringing in natural light and spectacular views of the night sky.
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