Enjoy a new living space

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a top of the range geodesic glasshouse – a contemporary outdoor room for stylish entertaining and the ultimate growing space for your plants.

A SOLARDOME® glasshouse adds modern design to your garden. Built to withstand whatever the British weather brings, it gives you a warm and comfortable space in which to entertain into the cool summer evenings and enjoy your garden.

How would you use yours?

“Our Solardome® glasshouse is enjoyed and admired by all. Whether it be long lazy lunches, or afternoon BBQs in the sun, and rain.” – Mrs Calvert

Why choose a Solardome glasshouse?


A geodesic glass dome is superior both in strength and the amount of light it lets in. It is also much easier to regulate the temperature which gives you the perfect environment for growing your plants, and if you have want to clean the gutters in these greenhouse using services from sites as http://gutteradvantage-pa.com/.


A geodesic glass dome can be positioned anywhere in your garden which gives you the flexibility to place your new outdoor living space where it will suit you best. In addition, typically no planning permission is required.

Garden lodges

A geodesic glass dome lets in much more light and can be used as a multipurpose room, for reading, entertaining, and growing.

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