SOLARDOME® Retreat 6.3m / from £22,794*

The SOLARDOME® Retreat provides a large room and is ideal for a range of uses – enjoy relaxing, doing yoga, entertaining or even create an artist’s studio

It is large enough to cover a plunge or spa pool with plenty of room around the edge for enjoying indoor comfort in an outdoor environment.

This dome creates perfect synergy between people and plants and is tall enough to accommodate palm trees or fruit trees. It generally does not require planning permission.


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SOLARDOME RetreatLayout 3C


Max. diameter 6.27m / 20’07’’
Dome height 3.47m / 11’05’’
Volume 69m3 / 2436.7’3
External area of base 30.9m2 / 332.4’2
Door height 1.83m / 6’
Open door width 0.81m / 2’8’’
Roof vents (as standard) 5
Side vents (as standard) 4
Base vents 18
Max. no. of staging units 18

* Price inclusive of VAT and based on standard dome, supply only to UK mainland.
** Specifications subject to change.

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