Enjoy your garden in Autumn

A geodesic wind-proof glasshouse allows you to enjoy outdoor living in the unpredictable British autumn weather.

A dome gives you the best of both worlds – the ultimate growing space for your plants, and a contemporary outdoor room for stylish entertaining or simply relaxing in. Built to withstand whatever the British weather brings, its shape maximises the light from the low winter sun to extend your growing season and your time in the garden.

Here’s how Mr & Mrs Cubie in windy Argyll are using theirs.

The Cubies are able to relax under glass and watch spectacular sunsets over the loch, however windy it gets outside.

Mr & Mrs Fall wanted a new greenhouse, but not just any greenhouse, a greenhouse that could also be used as a multipurpose outdoor room for dining and relaxing in.

“We have plans to expand the planting over the autumn and look forward to using it to relax in on cooler days”

Why choose a Solardome glasshouse?


A geodesic glass dome is superior both in strength and the amount of light it lets in. It is also much easier to regulate the temperature which gives you the perfect environment for growing your plants.


A geodesic glass dome can be positioned anywhere in your garden which gives you the flexibility to place your new outdoor living space where it will suit you best. In addition, typically no planning permission is required.

Garden lodges

A geodesic glass dome lets in much more light and can be used as a multipurpose room, for reading, entertaining, and growing.

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