Customising and Accessories

Make your dome your own, with our accessory and customisation options

We can provide a range of accessories and advice to help you maximise the investment in your Solardome® geodesic dome.

Please contact a member of the team to discuss any of the options below or for further information and advice.

Multiple doors

Extra doors

All of our domes come with one double-glazed door as standard. We can supply up to two extra doors per dome if required.

Custom door

Custom doors

We can supply double doors and we can provide options for bespoke doors.

Window vent

Window vents

Our glasshouses can be supplied with a maximum of five window vents in the roof, and ten vents around the sides. You may wish to consider adding more than the standard number supplied, particularly in warmer climates.

Integrated Base

Integrated base

Our glasshouses* can be supplied with an integrated base. This reduces the amount of ground preparation work required in advance and also prevents the need for additional flashing. The integrated base has been designed to fit our domes perfectly and has been structurally tested to British standards.

Two domes linked

Linking / merging domes

If you plan to have more than one dome in your grounds, we are able to link them together with small tunnels or by merging them to create a mini Eden style concept. This is especially useful if you are creating a multi-functional setting using separate domes for different purposes. We can also link or attach domes to houses and buildings.

UV film

Protective films

We can provide UV reflective film, Safety film or coloured film to cover the top section of the dome. These films are a permanent feature and have a 5-10 year guarantee depending on the film chosen. All films block 99% of UV rays.


Dome colours

We can powder coat both the internal and external frame in other colours. It comes in white as standard, but we also produce it in brown, grey and green.

Coloured frame

Multicoloured internal frame

We can powder coat the internal frame of our glasshouses to highlight the geodesic shape. Many of our educational customers use the multi-coloured frame to help pupils find various shapes in the dome.

Staging units

Greenhouse staging units

Our staging units are made from aluminium frames and treated cedar wood panels. Each unit is designed to fit its relevant dome model circumference. We provide one and two tier wooden staging units.

acoustic products

Acoustic products

We supply and recommend creative acoustic absorption products to help manage the distinctive acoustics within the dome.

Accessories - Hydroponics

Hydroponics and Aquaponics

These modern growing techniques are maximised when used within a dome and were showcased within the Solardome® glasshouse at the Chelsea Flower Show 2013. There are a variety of kits, systems and accessories available.




We provide bespoke seating to go in your dome. We have designed a set of wooden seats that fit around the circumference of each dome model. There is storage inside the seat.

Edge planters

Edge planters

If you would like to intersperse seats and planters around the edge we can provide edge planters the same size as the seats. This will separate groups of people and provide work space around the dome edge.

Hexagon planters

Hexagon planters

We also provide large wooden planters. These planters are good for the central areas of the dome and create a large work area for group activities. Each planter is 70cm high. Shown here with the option of additional seating.


Please note that whilst we are delighted to provide staging and furniture for your dome, unfortunately we are unable to install it if bought separately to the dome. There will also be a packing and delivery charge, depending on the size of the order.

* Integrated bases are available for the SOLARDOME® Haven/Agena, Retreat/Capella and Sanctuary/Vega models.