SOLARDOME® Sanctuary 8.1m / from £24,250*

The Sanctuary is suitable as a larger outdoor classroom. It accommodates classes of up to thirty at secondary level.

Due to its size and internal space provision, the Sanctuary provides a truly multidisciplinary setting. Many schools use it across the teaching spectrum, from STEM and earth science subjects to expressive arts.


Specification **
Max. diameter 8.12m / 26’08’’
Dome height 3.90m / 12’10’’
Volume 125m3 / 4414.3ft3
External area of base 51.78m2 / 557.4ft2
Door height 1.84m / 6’
Open door width 0.80m / 2’7’’
Roof vents (as standard) 5
Side vents (as standard) 6
Base vents 24
Recommended capacity in use 35 – 45x

x over 45 you may require a second door for building controls.
* Price exclusive of VAT and based on standard dome, supply only to UK mainland.

** Specifications subject to change.