Dome Uses for Primary Schools

School Garden

Primary school garden domeA school garden dome is an ideal starting point to get children passionate about gardening and eco-friendly school projects. The dome can make an idea eco-dome, rainforest dome or biome. The benefit of the dome is that it goes further than a traditional greenhouse because it excites pupils and takes gardening to another level.

Practical uses:

  • Growing flowers, fruit and vegetables, which can be supplied to the school canteen and to local shows
  • Learning about soil types and conditions
  • Learning about different plant species, germination periods and flowering
  • Taking responsibility for wintering plants
  • Using worms to enhance your own compost and produce fertilizer

Art Room

Primary school art in the domeThe Solardome® geodesic shape is an inspirational subject for art lessons which can be drawn or painted by the pupils. Children’s art can also be inspired by the natural surroundings in which the glasshouse is placed. The domes can also make an ideal gallery for pupils’ artwork.

Reading/Drama Room

Primary school reading in the domeA dome makes a tranquil reading room, away from the distractions of the main school building.

Perhaps you could create a haven for quiet reading sessions, designed to inspire a love of books and develop literacy? Designing a special dome reading room can encourage group participation, improve attention spans and create lasting memories. Or you may prefer something more lively, such as an outdoor studio for drama and story re-enactment where imaginations really come alive and communication and social skills thrive.


Primary schools maths in the domeThe dome makes an ideal hands-on learning environment for studying basic mathematics. Whether this involves learning about the geometry of a geodesic dome (which is made up of triangles, hexagons and pentagons), or studying the mathematics found in nature and the plants in the dome.

Some schools have even designed their own model geodesic domes or biomes and recreated them using different materials.


Primary school science in the domeThe dome can be used for all kinds of science classes and experiments, enabling practical and theoretical lessons to be combined.

Inspiring pupils to get practically involved in creating their own mini Garden of Eden school garden filled with exotic plants is an ideal way to teach about growing and the environment. The dome is also the perfect place to get pupils talking about and interested in recycling. Composting is recycling – the nutrients in organic waste are processed and returned to the soil to help more plants to grow.

Case Study: Springhead Primary School

springhead-dsc00048An outdoor classroom for all occasions – a Shakespearian globe, an ‘in-between space’ and much more.
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