Secondary Schools

Learning outside the classroom

Our Solardome® geodesic domes at secondary school level have a variety of innovative uses for learning outside the classroom. Schools have used them for science and engineering clubs, as outdoor classrooms in which to practically teach about the sciences, mathematics and technology, and even as a gallery for displaying student art.

Practical and investigative work outside the classroom is one of the most effective ways to extend and diversify the range of science teaching methods in secondary education.

Our domes enable teachers to get outside of the classroom but still have an excellent teaching environment, protected from the elements, where imaginations and practical skills can develop.

Our experience working with schools mean that we understand that budgets can be tight. However, there is a range of school funding opportunities to help support projects and initiatives. These can be general grants or specific to outdoor learning or science and maths for example, and could include the funding or part funding of a Solardome® geodesic dom

Expanding your school

As well as our standard SOLARDOME® growing schools glasshouse range of outdoor classrooms, our SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system, for fully habitable dome buildings from 10m-25m. The large scale fully bespoke domes are perfect for freestanding outdoor classrooms, cafeterias and studios and can be designed to meet your schools exact requirements.

Our Solardome® geodesic domes in secondary schools

SOLARDOME Capella - additional school space - Kimberley Comprehensive School, Nottingham

The Kimberley School

The Kimberley School scooped first and runner-up positions in the Quorn Brighter Future Memory Challenge. Their prize – an innovative Solardome glasshouse - now provides much needed additional space.
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Oasis Academy Mayfield, Southampton

Two Solardome® glasshouses make a stunning addition to Oasis Academy Mayfield's new state-of-the art facilities.
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Acklam Grange School A Specialist Technology College for Maths and Computing, Middlesborough

Acklam Grange School, Middlesbrough

His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester attended the official opening of Acklam Grange School in Middlesbrough, one of the first three schools to be built under the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project.
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