Special Schools

As well as keeping everyone safe from the elements, our outdoor classrooms give all students, no matter what their special needs are, the opportunity to learn outside and give children with emotional difficulties an area to relax in. By providing a more holistic approach to learning, the space can help teachers deliver occupational therapy to students and help staff tailor activities to fit the individual needs of their students.

Our outdoor classrooms with their unique geodesic structure provide a great sensory room for hands-on, experiential learning where creativity, curiosity and imaginations can thrive.

Unique sensory room

Sensory exploration can teach investigation, problem solving and communications skills. Separate sensory areas within a dome can be designed to maximise attention spans and interest and create the perfect hands-on learning experience. This can include plants with different flowering colours and scents, different types of flooring, artwork and sculptures and home grown organic salads and vegetables.

Working in the dome with physical contact with plants and nature can help improve concentration levels, relieve anxiety and reduce the effects of attention deficit disorder.

Our Solardome® geodesic domes in special schools

SOLARDOME Vega at Victoria School

Victoria School

SOLARDOME® Sanctuary helps Victoria School win Eco Award for its inspiring ‘Greenspaces’ project. The project is an Eden-style outdoor learning space centred on a geodesic dome.
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SOLARDOME Retreat, DIY SOS, The Yard, Edinburgh

The Yard

Solardome supports BBC Children in Need by donating a SOLARDOME® Retreat to The Yard, a centre for children with learning and physical difficulties.
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Belmont Special School, Gloucestershire Vocational learning

Belmont School

Belmont School in Gloucester, whose pupils experience a variety of moderate learning difficulties, purchased a SOLARDOME Retreat in 2011, primarily to teach horticulture as accredited study.
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