SOLARDOME® PRO glass domes

Experience the warmth and comfort of completely natural light and create your own micro-climate that’s a delight to be in.

What makes them unique

The multifaceted spheroid dome shape means at least two panes of glass are at right angles to the sun. It’s the most efficient way to fully capture the sun’s rays.

What they can be used for

Their unique micro-climate creates the perfect environment for a tropical biome, art studio, sensory and therapy gardens or butterfly house. Or, use it to cover your home and garden and protect them from inclement weather.

Efficient and versatile

Our glass domes are freestanding buildings with no internal structures, leaving you free to design your own space. Choose single, double or triple glazing– and of course, the size of dome you want.

Quality materials, built to last

We use the best quality materials which produce extremely robust structures. Our aluminium frames have a structural lifespan of over 100 years, require minimal maintenance and have been engineered to withstand extremely harsh conditions.

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SOLARDOME® PRO glass domes

SOLARDOME PRO, Nowary, Northern Lights

The Nature House, North Norway

This Norwegian eco-project comprises a 15m diameter SOLARDOME® PRO glasshouse, designed to cover an entire house and partial garden on a remote island near Bodo, in the Arctic Circle.
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Kristall Salz Welt, Austria

The skylight requirements were to provide a central feature, maximum light, complete weather protection from the high winds and snow loading of the Austrian climate and fit over the atrium of a unique 12-sided building.
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Science Dome Lab Watford Grammar School for Girls

Watford Grammar School for Girls, Hertfordshire

Watford Grammar School for Girls’ wanted to create a new, 21st Century science lab that would “bring science alive” and inspire its students to take on original research projects.
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