SOLARDOME® PRO skylights

Our skylights add a touch of class to rooftop design, bringing in natural light and spectacular views of the night sky.

What makes them unique

SOLARDOME PRO skylightTheir slim frame allows the largest possible amount of light to flood a room. They also look amazing and their excellent acoustic and thermal qualities help create a comfortable, calm space.

We appreciate that specifying, installing and using glass roof lights can be a real challenge, so SOLARDOME® PRO skylights are a welcome alternative.

Possible uses

Ideal for museums, art galleries, spas and well-being centres, offices, hotels and domestic homes. They’re also perfect for covering a commercial atrium or as a roof for a separate external building.

Efficient and versatile

Quick to assemble, these geodesic domes have no doorway and windows are optional. Choose from single, double or triple glazing.

Quality materials, built to last

We use the best quality materials which produce extremely robust structures. Our aluminium frames have a structural lifespan of over 100 years, require minimal maintenance and have been engineered to withstand extremely harsh conditions.

To find out more about the SOLARDOME® PRO system, contact us today.

Our SOLARDOME® PRO domes and skylights