Choosing your dome

Dome product range

What are the differences between a Solardome® glasshouse and the SOLARDOME® PRO?

Solardome® glasshouses are single-glazed multipurpose domes designed for growing, outdoor living, and outdoor classrooms. There are five models in the glasshouse range which range from 3.6m to 10.1m diameter.

The SOLARDOME® PRO system is a bespoke solution to create dome buildings between 7.2m and 20m diameter. It is a heavy-duty architectural system that can be clad with a variety of options from single or double glazed units to insulated or wooden panels.

The dome environment

Are the domes waterproof?

When sealed properly around the nodal connection points and along the external glazing bars the dome will be watertight. In addition, a proper seal around the base will be required which can be achieved by opting for our integrated base, or alternatively the base can be flashed to its concrete base to prevent water ingress under the base sections.

We provide a full installation service for all domes, and if we build the dome we provide a one year installation guarantee in addition to the 10 year frame and materials guarantee. If you have any build issues, we will rectify them as soon as possible.

Please note: The Solardome® glasshouse is designed to be an outdoor room/glasshouse, so condensation may collect inside if the windows are shut and there is no heating or the base is not sealed/flashed. Therefore, we advise not to leave soft furnishings or sensitive IT equipment in the dome overnight.

What are the acoustics like?

Geodesic domes have a distinct acoustic which is more prevalent when the dome is empty. The effects of reverberation can be reduced by placing objects in the dome – please ask for our guide on Acoustic Management.

Do they stay warm in winter?

In Winter close down the windows and the dome will heat up several degrees, especially when it is very cold but the sun is out. It is also ideal for cutting out the wind chill factor. It will require roughly 40% less heating in the winter than a standard greenhouse due to the geodesic shape. This is due to its low volume for its base area and as two panes of glass are always at right angles to the sun’s rays even in low winter sun, heating it up naturally.

However, you may want to use a fan heater/wood burner for the winter on cloudy days if you are using it as an outdoor room or to grow tropical plants. It is possible to run electricity under the base to allow for outdoor appliances in the dome, please contact us during the planning stages if this is a consideration. We can also provide a flue access for a wood burner.

The SOLARDOME® PRO system is designed to your specification. We can provide double glazed panels, which can be air-conditioned or thick insulated panels to keep the temperature regulated.

Do they get hot in summer?

A Solardome® glasshouse will always be several degrees warmer than the external temperature; therefore, it will get hot in the summer. However, our domes do not get as hot as standard shaped conservatories or greenhouses if all the ventilation is open. Ventilation is provided via the door and at base, mid and roof levels so the hot air can escape and not build up. On the hottest sunny days, when all the ventilation is open the normal difference in temperature between inside and out, in the shade, is up to about 10°C.

However, for a few weeks of the year this can be too hot. We can provide UV reflective or coloured film to go on the top section of the dome to provide a section of shading and to reduce glare and heat gain by up to 80%. We can also provide shade sails that can be stacked on top of each other. Please ask for more information.

The SOLARDOME® PRO system is designed to your specification. We can provide double glazed panels, which can be air-conditioned or thick insulated panels to keep the temperature regulated.

Are they wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The entry has a low door threshold, which allows easy access for wheelchairs. If required we can also design the door without a threshold to ensure no trip hazards. The door width depends on the model chosen but has a minimum aperture of 740cm. We can also design double entrance ways, if required.

Customising your dome

What colour options are there?

Domes in the Glasshouse Range are available in the following colours.

  • ‘Standard’ – Externals are white / internals mill finished aluminium
  • Multicoloured in red, orange, yellow, blue, and green (visible internally only)
  • White (RAL 9016 “Traffic white”)
  • Green (RAL 6010 “Grass green”)
  • Brown (RAL 8080 “Dark bronze”)
  • Grey (RAL 9006 “White aluminium”)

All colours, with the exception of the Standard combination, are optional extras (please contact us for prices). The table below defines which components of the dome are coloured depending upon the chosen option.

Standard Multicoloured Coloured
Struts None
Mill finished aluminium
Red, orange, yellow, blue, green
Colour Matched
Base Plates White White Colour Matched
Door White White Colour Matched
Copings White White Colour Matched
Capping Discs White White Colour Matched
Backing Cups None
Mill finished aluminium
White Colour Matched

For more information about RAL colours please visit

Can I have cladding other than glass?

Our glasshouse range of domes can have any cladding which is 4mm thick, i.e. wood, metal, obscured stippolyte glass, acrylic or solid polycarbonate. We can also provide a UV reflective film to go over the glass. These are additional costs and will need a separate quotation.

Our SOLARDOME® PRO system can be clad with any type of material depending on your building specification and application:

  • Glass – Single glazing, from 6mm thick panels. Double glazing, 4mm x 16mm gap x 4mm toughened. Low E, argon filled (U value 1.2w/m2). We can add safety film internally to create a laminated panel.
  • Other materials – Up to 100mm thick i.e. wood, metal composite or insulated panels (U values down to 0.35w/m2). Insulation/acoustic materials can be fitted on the inside, if required.
Can I have extra doors and windows?

Yes, our glasshouse range of domes can have up to three doors in five possible positions.

You can also have up to five vents in the roof, and between 5 and 15 side vents in total (see below)

Dome model Max roof vents Max side vents
SOLARDOME® Haven 5 8
SOLARDOME® Retreat 5 10
SOLARDOME® Sanctuary 5 10
SOLARDOME® Paradise 5 15
Can you build bespoke sized domes?

Yes, we have an in-house design department available for bespoke projects. We can provide alternative sizes, linking domes to buildings or each other, merging domes and adding additional windows and doors etc. For our single-glazed standard domes we can produce bespoke sizes up to 10m diameter they can also have a low profile if required.

Using our SOLARDOME® PRO system, we can design any dome size from 10m to 20m diameter.

Is it possible to link or merge domes together?

Yes, there are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Link multiple domes via the doorways and connect with a short glass and aluminium tunnel. This is best for joining different sized domes or if you are using them for different applications.
  2. Merge the domes together using braced arches in the frame to create a mini Eden-Project style. This is only possible between domes of the same size.


What are the payment terms?

We request 50% payment upfront at the time the order is placed. This secures your place in our production schedule. We build all domes to order so do not keep domes in stock. The final 50% is due when production is complete and we are ready to ship out your geodesic dome.
What are your lead-times?

For domes in the glasshouse range, the lead time is 8 weeks for shipping only (i.e. for self-assembly), or up to 12 weeks for delivery and installation. Builds are scheduled based on the date the order and deposit are received. Bespoke projects will of course take longer.

Our SOLARDOME® PRO system has a minimum design and manufacture lead-time of 16 weeks from order and deposit. Lead times will be quoted when the project specification is defined.