The Solardome Team

A family-owned company, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of service and establish close working relationships with our customers. Our specialist team looks after every element of your project, from designing and customising, handling enquiries and arranging site visits, to the final inspection of your Solardome® glasshouse or dome building.

A message from our MD – Pippa Bailey

“With a passion for domes starting as a teenager when my family bought the design rights from the original company to sell Solardome geodesic domes, I have been involved at Solardome Industries on and off for most of my adult life.  

With time out for a Genetics degree from Cardiff University and several other main jobs along the way (including working for a Siemens R&D company), I took over running the business in 2008 and haven’t looked back. 

I have always been interested in products that are unique and can make a positive impact on society in a variety of ways.

Despite starting as a micro business, over the last 14 years we have grown four times the original company size and, with investment and continuous improvement – things I feel strongly about, we now offer two large product ranges and domes up to 20m diameter for a diverse worldwide client base.

Some of the key values I try to develop in the company are – creating a passionate team that work closely together, continuously working to improve in all areas, offering a unique and eco-friendly product and being an ethical and caring company in the way we deal with our clients, suppliers, and staff alike.”


Bruce Cowan – Chairman
Pippa Bailey – Managing Director | LinkedIn

Design and Production
Gary Mitchell – Operations & Engineering Lead

Tony Ray – Quality and Compliance Manager

Rachel Brett – Marketing Manager

Anna Denslow – Sales Executive

Office and Accounts
Mark Burford – Office and Accounts Manager

Steve Frampton – Production Team Leader
Tom Cotton – Production Team Supervisor
Neil McLachlan – Production & Installation Operative

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