Dome buildings

Step inside one of our dome buildings and the first thing you notice is how spacious and relaxing they are.

There are so many possibilities available with the SOLARDOME® PRO system, you can create just about anything. With no limiting internal structures, you can enjoy large open plan areas without supporting pillars that would break up the space. 


Ideal for free-standing classrooms, music and dance studios, leisure facilities, theatres, sports halls, dome homes, light industrial units…anything is possible.

Watford Grammar School for Girls

A 21st century lab to “bring science alive” and inspire its students to take on original research projects.
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The Sultan’s School in Oman

The Sultan’s School, Oman

Leading private school produces ‘globally outstanding’ students with the help of their SOLARDOME® PRO.
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Photo Gallery

See more photos and how owners are using their SOLARDOME® PRO glass domes.
Photo Gallery

Design Concepts

Discover what is possible. Join a dome to another building, merge several domes, add extra floors and mezzanines and more.
Design Concepts


Built to last

We use the best quality materials which produce extremely robust structures. Our aluminium frames have a structural lifespan of over 100 years, require minimal maintenance and have been engineered to withstand extremely harsh conditions.

In addition, the SOLARDOME® PRO can be clad with any type of building material, so you are free to create precisely the type of structure you want.
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More information

To find out more about the SOLARDOME® PRO system, contact us or request a brochure today.
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