System Specification

It’s the scalability and practicality of the SOLARDOME® PRO system that makes it so versatile.

SOLARDOME PRO nodal assembly

Geo-Lok nodal section

We have an international patent pending on our Geo-Lok nodal system. This unique hub enables a scalable system, which is quick to design and construct domes of up to 20m in diameter.

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SOLARDOME PRO strut comparison


Purpose designed mill-finished aluminium profiles for the strut and link arm sections. The picture shows you a strut from our glasshouse range compared with the larger SOLARDOME® PRO system struts.

Sapa Anolok Wallet


The frame can be anodised to increase resistance to corrosion and wear.

SOLARDOME PRO system specifications powder coating

Powder coating

All exterior metal components are powder coated white or grey as standard – but you can polyester powder coat both exterior and interior metal components in any colour.

SOLARDOME PRO dome house, Austria

Cladding options

Choose single, double or triple glazed, depending on the specification you need. Triple glazing can achieve a U value as low as 0.6W/m².
Our bespoke design service can offer external cladding in a wide variety of materials including wood, wood composite, metal, metal composite and pneumatic panels.

SOLARDOME PRO cladding options (2)

Insulated panels

We can offer a fully insulated dome, or a mixture of glass and insulation. Our standard insulated panels for double glazing achieves a U Value of 1.1W/m², while insulated panels to suit triple glazing can achieve 0.7W/m². We’ll design the solution that suits your needs – and conforms to regulations.



Lower level windows open by hand; roof windows are motor controlled and can incorporate wind and rain sensors as an optional extra. Choose from single or double glazed.



The doors are double glazed toughened glass with either PVC or metal frames. You choose their design, from single to double or even large arched apertures.

Accessories, chimney panel, Norway

Additional features

Chimney flue panels, ventilation panels, merging domes, linking domes and second floors.


More information

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