Geo-Lok nodal section

We have an international patent pending on our Geo-Lok nodal clamping mechanism.

Solardome® PRO Geo-Lok systemThis innovative hub, exclusive to Solardome Industries, sets the PRO system apart, producing a long-lasting, fully habitable structure that can be assembled much quicker than a traditional building.

It enables an easily scalable system for aluminium domes up to 20m, eliminating time-consuming and expensive welding.


Here are the key benefits of the Geo-Lok nodal section:

  • Less design time – Removing the need to design several new nodal connections for each size variation allows us to fast-track the design process, and deliver your project in shorter timeframes.
  • Easy assembly – As each strut simply pushes in and twists 90 degrees to lock it in, there’s no need for bolts or welding, which shortens the installation time of the PRO framework and eliminates the possibility of unique frame components being positioned incorrectly. This means you can self-assemble the domes (or use a third party contractor).
  • Solardome® PRO Geo-Lok system

  • Cost effective – Less varied components allow a streamlining of the manufacturing process, making it far more efficient and affordable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – The system is designed to be as minimal and uniform as possible, allowing you to appreciate the 360-degree views of your surroundings.
  • Incredibly strong – Its simple yet practical hub design makes the nodal system extremely robust and able to withstand artic snow loadings.
  • Self-supporting – All of this means there is no internal framework needed, enabling large open plan areas to design as you wish!


Our PRO domes, featuring the Geo-Lok system

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