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An update on whats been growing in the office’s SOLARDOME POD greenhouse

Having started my growing mission in April to produce the office a wonderful crop for their lunch table, I have spent many an hour through April & May, seeding, nurturing, watering and generally caring for a host of plants. Here is a quick round up of what’s been happening inside the SOLARDOME POD:

Early lettuceEarly lettuce and spinach – I prepared my containers mixing an inch of soil with an inch of compost. I scattered the seeds and waited, knowing I should see them germinating after 2 weeks. My top tip, and it may sounds obvious, but greens grows best when the soil is kept constantly moist so keep it well watered. It’s also best to harvest the crop in the morning as the plant will have had all night to ‘plump up’ with water.

The lettuce and spinach have done so well it’s already making a great addition to the lunch table.

Radishes – A favourite of mine, radishes are very easy to plant and maintain and grow very quickly. They need to be planted while the weather is still cool to achieve a continuous good flavoured harvest. Those planted in the hot summer months tend to have a poor texture and flavour. You can scatter seeds next to each other initially; although they will need thinning so they are about an inch apart when the plants are a week old. You will be amazed how easily and fast you can grow them.
The first radishes emerged within just three weeks and there was a bit of a fight over who would have the first ones, our Design Engineer seemed to polish them off pretty quickly!

Tomatoes – I planted the tomato seedlings on the 3rd May and within 20 days they grew a couple of extra inches in the dome. I also had a small tomato plant I picked up from my local store. It’s doing really well and already flowering so soon I should see some fruits.

Also growing in the POD, I’ve got broad beans, carrots, mint, parsley, thyme, asparagus and spring onions. I am planning to plant more vegetables throughout the remainder of the year and I will keep you updated of my progress.

TomatoesIf you would like to come and visit my office garden in the POD or take a look at our other show domes please contact me at

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