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Rob Piper, Solardome Commercial Sales Executive, tells us why he is excited about what lies ahead following last week’s Care Show.

Last week I exhibited at the Care Show and Dementia Care Show in Birmingham. It was great to meet so many people from the care industry and it provided a real opportunity for me to understand the needs of these organisations and the people they work with.

What became apparent very early on is how relevant our Solardome® glasshouses are to the healthcare sector. Whether it’s incorporating a glass structure, such as a skylight, into an existing or new building design, or ensuring that the outside space is used year round by adding a glasshouse into the gardens, they can make a significant difference. Not only to the health and wellbeing of residents, by enabling them to take advantage of the benefits of being outside and natural light, but also to care and retirement homes by providing something unique to enhance their facilities and set them apart from others.

With a growing body of research about the benefits of exposure to natural light helping to improve wellbeing, by reducing depression and stress, improving sleep and even reducing the amount of medication required, our glass domes really do provide a great solution for care and retirement homes. They are ideal for enabling residents to gain access to natural light, fresh air and the great outdoors whilst protected from the elements.

After chatting with several activity coordinators – people whose job it is to organise and put on activities for the residents – I found our glass domes also provide a new and exciting venue to facilitate daily activities. They create a large group environment, away from the four walls of a traditional home building yet still sheltered and comfortable. With options for gardening clubs, nature groups, specific rehabilitation or physiotherapy sessions or simply a new place to relax and enjoy, our glass domes can open up a new world for staff and residents.

Lecture by Dementia Centre at University of StirlingAs well as being on the stand I was also able to pop along to a couple of lectures, and was delighted to hear Solardome mentioned by the Dementia Centre at University of Stirling who presented on the need for people with dementia to get outside to benefit their physical and mental health. As quoted in their book, Designing outdoor spaces for people with dementia, “Enabling people to get outdoors and be active, and in poor weather to be involved in activities that relate to the outside, could make a major contribution to their wellbeing and cost-effectiveness of care.”

The fact that care homes have recognised the positive power of natural light and access to the outside and are embracing the challenge to incorporate this into their home design has excited me about what lies ahead. I believe passionately that our Solardome® glasshouses can help them achieve this goal.

For more information on this, or any of our commercial glasshouses, please contact me or on 0845 450 2155.

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