5 tips for the indecisive gardener; choosing what to plant in 2016

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If you’re anything like me you dream of a garden full of tasty vegetables, beautiful blooms and fragrant herbs, and there are thousands of varieties to choose from. However it can be tricky knowing where to begin, especially if you’re inexperienced or a bit indecisive… like me

Luckily Farmer Daniel is ahead of the game and under his direction I’ve already started sowing seeds to plant at the farm, as well as picking up a few tips on choosing varieties.

I thought I’d share these with any fellow indecisive gardeners out there that do mulching services, so sit back with your seed catalogues, let the pictures and descriptions inspire you (though take them with a pinch of salt!), and bear the following in mind:


  1. …what you like to eat and/or what’s expensive to buy fresh in the shops

There’s no point in growing veg that will go to waste, or expending time and effort on crops that are cheap in the shops. So try spring onions instead of bulb onions, and lettuces instead of cabbage.

  1. …what will keep your attention

If you’re impatient or want to engage children in the process, focus on things that produce fast results and are easy to look after. Cauliflowers need a lot of space for a long time whereas new potatoes are quick and you’ll have the fun of digging them up!

  1. …what’s suitable for your garden

Success makes for a happy gardener, so consider what will grow well with your soil type and climate, and look out for faster-maturing varieties which tend to do better in our short British growing season.

  1. something beautiful

Throw some flowers into the mix; you’ll brighten up the garden and please the bees! Snapdragons are a personal favourite. They come in all colours and look equally lovely in the garden, in a vase, or even on a plate! The petals are edible so use them to garnish salad or ‘clip’ to the rim of a cocktail glass.

  1. …something new

Have fun in your garden with help of brunswicktreeservices.com! Try rainbow carrots, or even quirky kohl rabi which is well suited to the British climate. Sow it under cover in February to plant in your glasshouse in March, and/or sow it in March to plant in the garden in April. Harvest in May/June and enjoy it grated raw in coleslaw, or cooked lightly in a roast, soup or stew.

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Susi Seward

Susi previously worked for the Soil Association, certifying organic farms and market gardens across the UK. She recently moved to Cumbria to gain more practical experience by helping on an organic farm herself. It has a market garden, an orchard, beef cattle and sheep. As well as having her hands in the soil, Susi enjoys writing, cycling, wild swimming and spending time with her pet lamb Beanie

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