Solardome: What you need to know in 4 videos

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Apart from seeing it with your own eyes, video is perhaps the best way to experience a geodesic dome.

We know that it’s not always possible for you to visit us, especially when there are additional restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we thought we’d bring you this handy video guide.

Read on (and watch) for some amazing examples to help you visualise your project.

Hilton Court Gardens, Wales

Over the years, our glass domes have been used for such a wide range of commercial projects – but the Solardome® Paradise at Hilton Court Gardens is certainly one of the most impressive.

Mr and Mrs Lynch, owners of the beautiful 8-acre complex overlooking the Pembrokeshire coast, decided to add the 10-metre glasshouse as their own Eden Project style dome to draw in even more visitors.

Thousands of day-trippers step inside the aptly-named Paradise each year, and are wowed by the diverse range of plants that thrive in the microclimate that the dome enables. There are even seating areas dotted around where visitors can relax in the tropical oasis while enjoying an afternoon tea.

Watch the video (above) to find out why the Lynches called their glasshouse “a truly amazing and unique environment.”

Watford Grammar School for Girls

The Solardome® PRO at this girl’s school in Hertfordshire epitomises the way geodesic domes bring learning to life.

Positioned on the rooftop of their science building, the 7.2m dome is primarily used as a dedicated science lab, and is an efficient use of space in the campus where ground floor space is limited.

It also serves as a focal point and flagship building, as well as an inspirational space for the students to carry out experiments, as part of a cutting edge STEM curriculum. Meanwhile, as the dome is double-glazed and clad in grey, it is fully functional all year round.

To highlight the school’s innovation in this area, the dome was officially opened by Professor Robert Winston who called it a “science lab of the future.”

Headteacher Dame Helen Hyde was inspired by the Eden project and called it a “forward looking structure” that would help to “enrich the whole curriculum.”

Mr & Mrs Cubie, Scotland

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose garden room that’s strong and elegant in equal measure, then you’ve found it!

Mr and Mrs Cubie, who live near Loch Lomond in the highlands of Scotland, were searching for a freestanding conservatory in which to relax and grow plants, but since winds there can reach up to 70 miles per hour, finding a structure to withstand them seemed impossible – until they discovered Solardome® glasshouses.

Heather Cubie, a retired virologist, joked that “viruses learned how to make stable structures long before man did,” so she was delighted to find that geodesic domes could stand the test of time – just like the genetic material she had studied her whole career.

They opted for the 4.6m Solardome® Haven, which is perfect to host small groups – while still having ample space around the edge for a wide range of plants.

Mrs Cubie described the glasshouse as a “beautiful, meaningful construction” and reported that the reaction from family and friends was “overwhelmingly positive.”

Want to see more?

To learn more about our company and the benefits of Solardome® geodesic domes, check out this video.

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