Geodesic dome specialist relishes Solardome project

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Solardome project in Norway

A passion spanning half a century that led to a Solardome® Retreat build in 2020.

From the works of Buckminster Fuller to perfecting the geometry, there isn’t much that Marc Moravia doesn’t know about geodesic domes.

Marc, from Trondheim in Norway, bumped into an American boat maker in the 70s who happened to be carrying a magazine, featuring a piece on Bucky and geodesic domes – and he hasn’t looked back since.

He’s had a passion for geodesic structures to this day and has become a thought leader among dome specialists, including Solardome Industries.

Domes for decades

After his introduction to geodesics almost 50 years ago, Marc, originally a carpenter, has dedicated his life to engineering, specialising in geodesic domes and other large structures.

In 1989, Marc earned a diploma in Structural Engineering in Gothenburg, Sweden – mainly to earn a foundation in mastering geodesics – and set up his own company, Geodesic Dome Engineering, a year later.

Geodesic dome specialist Marc MoraviaHe learned about Solardome shortly after and met with owner Bruce Cowan, forming the start of a long-lasting, fruitful relationship with the company.

“Unlike Solardome, who work with aluminium, I mainly worked with wood, so we agreed to never compete,” recalled Marc.

Elsewhere, he’s enjoyed a long-term partnership with one of the most successful large-span geodesic companies in the world, CST Industries, where he is still a European representative today.

Following a brief hiatus, Marc returned to the scene in the mid-2000s, where he saw the demand explode for smaller dome structures.

This trend was, of course, embraced by Solardome and, after following the company’s 25-year evolution, finally got the chance to be part of the story.

‘The Sørkedalen Solardome® Retreat’

Earlier in 2020, Marc was contacted by a long-term friend who wanted to build a dome for his company, Fresco AS, based in Sørkedalen near Oslo.

Geodesic dome in Norway“I agreed to participate on the condition that it would have to be a Solardome® geodesic dome, as it is the best on the market and has always been,” said Marc.

“It was an opportunity to finally get hands-on experience with the Solardome® glasshouse solution,” he exclaimed.

The 6-metre Solardome® Retreat will be used as a private lounge and research facility in the spring when the surrounding area has been fully landscaped, which is something that the proud owner, Mr. Braathen, cannot wait for.

The partnership with Solardome, now spanning across decades, had taken its logical next step.

A ‘delightful’ process

Marc led the build, following Solardome’s comprehensive instructions, while using his specialist experience to adapt to the cold Norwegian conditions.

Retreat dome in Oslo, Norway“To avoid water potentially freezing and destroying the nodal points, I filled them completely, removing the excess on both sides with a smart cleaning technique, so I could remove whatever came out easily” said Marc.

And when it came to the Solardome experience, it certainly lived up to Marc’s expectations.

“There are so many things to like about the glasshouses: high quality materials, a lightweight construction and expert packaging and transportation, to name a few” he said.

“Working with Solardome has always been a delight. They are prompt, professional and accessible,” he added.

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