5 benefits of outdoor classrooms for teachers

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Teaching professionals are always looking for tools to enhance their curriculum.

And with outdoor learning racing up the academic agenda, demand for innovative structures keeps rising among pupils and course leaders.

But how do outdoor classrooms benefit the day-to-day life of teachers?

In this feature, we explore the five key areas that educators benefit from with Solardome® outdoor classrooms.

The shortcut to interactivity

Sessions like circle time are nothing new – but imagine having a structure that’s ready-made for them…

With face-to-face time at a premium, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to start lessons promptly and gain instant engagement – without the hassle of moving furniture around to make space – can really add value to lesson formats that are a widely-known hit with the kids!

Our customers often tell us how Solardome® outdoor classrooms prompt a sharp rise in engagement among their pupils. This is epitomised by Park View Primary School in Basingstoke, who told us that “bringing the kids into the dome where things are happening and growing is much better for their learning and helps engage the group” (see video below).

The staff at Corbets Tey, an SEN school, have also supercharged their outdoor learning programme with their Solardome® Retreats. They called their glasshouses “perfect for problem solving, life skills, co-operation and interaction.”

Maximise your message

Now you’ve got their full attention, how about having your voice amplified?

The circular domed shape of Solardome® geodesic domes, and the toughened glass they are made with, amplifies your voice filling the classroom, and with each student an equal distance away from you, there is no ‘table at the back’, helping you command the room like never before.

Meanwhile, our range of accessories, alongside the presence of furniture, people and maybe a few plants, ensure the sounds stay fun and don’t turn echoey.

A shelter for peace of mind

Aside from developing the best curriculum possible, keeping pupils safe is always top priority for schools.

With all things ‘bubble’ on everybody’s lips right now, from sheltered greenhouses to bubble dining for pop-up restaurants, Solardome® outdoor classrooms are set up perfectly to provide a safe, sheltered, long-lasting space.

Pupils exploringThe domes’ clear glass is as functional as it is inspiring, making it easy for you to monitor the activities from all angles, while the children revel at the light reflections and 360-degree views.

To take further advantage of their versatility, you could even use them as an extension of your secure zones, in line with COVID-19 precautions, while optional extra doors provide plenty of ventilation.

Make your mark

It’s Monday morning. You’re in the staff room. Your Headteacher or Head of Governors approaches and asks you to lead a new outdoor learning initiative. You’ve got full ownership.

Where do you start?

You could add a few planters to your grounds, upgrade the sports equipment – or even source a marquee.

Or…you could maximise your school’s outdoor space with a state-of-the-art outdoor classroom! Our glasshouses enrich your school right across the board, from after school clubs to meeting rooms for your community, while their environmentally friendly materials could make you a candidate for eco-schools awards.

Solardome® geodesic domes are designed to last for decades, so even if you move on or retire, you can look back with joy at a project that inspired generations of young learners.

Awe breeds inspiration

Drama in a domeHow can you consistently motivate children optimally if your daily environment is mundane?

Indoor classrooms are fully functional, desks and assembly halls are tried and tested – but school doesn’t always have to feel like an exam hall.

Solardome® outdoor classrooms give you the best reason to get out outside and re-energise, giving you the boost – that even top teachers need – to deliver first-class learning experiences.

The staff at Sultan’s School in Oman said that “since the dome’s arrival, there’s been a buzz about the building”.

What would you do with a Solardome® outdoor classroom?

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