Barbara Southcott, Chalmington, Dorset

Southcott Case Study - Studio“Our Solardome® glasshouse is a great addition to the garden. We’ve enjoyed lovely dinners out there on cooler evenings, a bumper crop of fruit and the natural light is wonderful as a studio.”

As a keen gardener, Barbara Southcott already had a polytunnel and greenhouse but was so inspired by the Solardome® glasshouse she saw at a local garden centre she decided a dome would add another dimension to her home.

“We were intrigued when we saw the SOLARDOME® Haven at the Groves Nurseries in Bridport and began to imagine all the possibilities it would offer.”

“Since the dome was installed in 2010 we have incorporated our existing grapevine into the structure and this year’s grapes have been our best ever.

We’ve also had a bumper crop of tomatoes and cucumbers. It’s a lovely setting for dinner on cooler evenings and the wonderful natural light means it can double as a studio for my stone carvings and be used throughout the year. We are exceedingly pleased with our Haven and how it has added another dimension to the garden.”

Mr and Mrs Southcott asked a local builder to install a concrete ring base for their 4.52m diameter SOLARDOME® Haven.  They then laid paving slabs on compacted sand and filled the gaps with polished pebbles, leaving enough space for the grape vine, plants and citrus trees. This has created a rustic finish which is firm and flat enough for a dining table and chairs, as well as a seven foot easel!

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