Trattoria Martinelli, Vienna

High-end restaurant increases its exclusivity and thrive in adversity with three SOLARDOME® PODs

Trattoria Martinelli a restaurant based in the heart of Vienna, is known for its modern and luxurious menu and restaurant facilities. 

During the pandemic, the family-run business wanted to enhance their luxury dining solution in time for Christmas 2020.

Vision becomes reality

Three SOLARDOME® PODs in the heart of ViennaThe restaurant’s co-owner, Luigi, began to research different options for outdoor dining experiences when he came across Jimmy’s Lodge, London. He was impressed by the design and quality of the SOLARDOME® PODS, which perfectly complimented an existing champagne bar at the restaurant. 

Having discussed options with his team, it was agreed that three SOLARDOME® PODs were the perfect choice to enhance their luxury dining solution. 

He said, ‘‘It was by far the best quality that I saw during my research, there were no other close comparisons. The glass gave a much higher quality finish than plastic alternatives on the market, plus it had the benefit of a locking door.”

An unexpected turn of events

Three SOLARDOME® PODs used as a pop up market in the heart of Vienna

Unfortunately, soon after installing the PODs, local Government COVID-19 restrictions were put in place meaning the restaurant had to temporarily close its doors. 

Luigi and his team quickly decided to set up a pop-up street market and used the PODs as dome-shaped market stalls instead of a dining experience. 

The PODs were made available for rent, with a wide variety of items on offer, from Amalfi lemons to Dutch tulips. They also partnered with Moët & Chandon, giving visitors the chance to shop with a glass of champagne in hand.

‘‘We got to use the domes in different ways, as a market experience with three local suppliers in each. It was amazing for us and gave us a much higher revenue than we expected,” Luigi explained.

A professional service, from start to finish 

Three SOLARDOME® PODs used for luxury dining in the heart of ViennaAfter selecting Solardome’s supply only service, the three PODs made the 1000-mile journey from the factory in Southampton, to the restaurant in Vienna. 

Although Luigi had some concerns about ordering from the UK, especially when he had a strict Christmas deadline to meet, his concerns soon vanished after speaking with the Solardome team.

‘‘Solardome were awesome and always replied very quickly. They even managed to deliver the domes a few weeks early,’’ Luigi describes. 

Luxury dining under the stars

Three SOLARDOME® PODs used for luxury dining in the heart of ViennaFor a brief time in summer 2021, Barbaro Restaurant became the first restaurant in Austria to provide a high-end dining experience within a geodesic dome. 

Working alongside Moët & Chandon, they provided a six-course meal with champagne, call button waiter service and cooking demonstrations. Luigi said, 

With the domes, the nice thing is everything is open, and when you look up you can see the stars. Passing people always stop and take photos and the customers love it!.

Another blow for the restaurant

In November 2021, further COVID-19 restrictions were imposed, and the restaurant had to close its doors. They hope to re-open in early 2022 and share this unique dining experience with visitors once again

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At a glance

Location Barbaro Restaurant, Vienna, Austria
View on map
The challenge To enhance a luxury dining experience in the heart of the city.
The solution Three Solardome® PODs
Specification (per dome) Diameter – 3.6m / 11’10”
Height – 2.2m / 7’04”
Area – 8.8m²
Capacity – 10 people


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