Brindaavan Care Home

Dome skylight transforms a care home

Tim Worsfold ArchitectsSince his success in using a Solardome skylight to improve quality of life for residents at a care home in Wales, architect Tim Worsfold has picked up more work in the healthcare sector. We spoke to him about the project at Brindaavan Care Home to find out exactly what he did and whether he would do it again…


When the owner bought the care home in 2014 the day areas were quite fragmented, which meant staff were dotted around the spaces.

According to Tim: “The main area requiring development was an enclosed courtyard with the building running round it on three sides and a leaking glass conservatory.”

The vision

Tim explained: “The owner wanted to bring together the dayrooms by building a roof over the whole of the courtyard, which then produced a room of about 106 square metres. But being enclosed, he needed to bring in more natural light into the middle of this area.”

After a period of exhaustive research and careful consideration Solardome Industries emerged as the favoured contractor to deliver the vision.
On completion
Brindaavan Care Home, Wales (4)
Now the work is done the new improved day area has a large flat roof with a six-metre-diameter geodesic glass dome right in the middle.

Tim said: “When the sun shines it’s like being outside. Add to that the actuators for venting and underfloor heating, and the residents are in the perfect constant environment.”

Other benefits

One innovation was a coloured LED ring around the base of the dome that lights up and changes colour as it mingles with the ambient light from below. This has a therapeutic effect on residents, many of who live with dementia. But that’s not all…

Brindaavan Care Home, Wales (5)“The second thing it does is work as a brand recognition tool. When it was first installed they had an audience outside. People stopped in the street to admire it,” Tim enthused.

Will Jones, Home Manager added: “The local authority is delighted by the dome and feels it has improved the home environment, and as a result they have part-funded the provision of cutting-edge support and training to further enhance the life experience of the residents.”


Since completing this project Tim has gone on to get more healthcare work. When asked whether he would use Solardome Industries again, the architect said: “If a client rang up and wanted a skylight I would be more than happy to recommend Solardome.

“I did like working with them. I got on well with everybody and I knew where they were coming from. They were receptive to changes, so yes, I would do it again.”

At a glance

Client Brindaavan Care Home, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Architect Tim Worsfold Architects
The challenge To provide more natural light to an enclosed courtyard
The solution A bespoke Solardome skylight
Dome specification 4-frequency geodesic dome
5 vents with actuators
Diameter – 5.94m / 19’6”
Height – 2.40m / 7’10”
Volume – 40.70m3 / 1440ft3
Area of base – 28.80m2 / 310ft2

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