Carol Nixon, Wales

Creating a natural environmentTregaron, mid-Wales, is located south of one of Europe’s largest growing peat bogs – CorsGoch Glan Teifi – an important National Nature Reserve sheltering dozens of species of rare flora and fauna.

After considering a range of alternative structures, one of Tregaron’s nature lovers, Carol Nixon, chose a SOLARDOME® Sanctuary 7.75m diameter dome in which to re-create her own, unique, natural environment.

Nestled in a natural environment which is excessively damp and boggy, Carol’s Solardome® geodesic dome glasshouse now provides a dry, Mediterranean oasis perfect for cultivating a range of tall trees and plants. From these, she has reaped a continuous harvest of apricots, avocados, peaches, oranges and lemons, which, in-turn have become a plentiful supply of marmalade! Amongst strawberries, sweet pepper and bananas, a cucumber plant has also thrived, producing more than 100 cucumbers in the course of a season.

Uniquely, Carol has also installed a wood burner with chimney enabling her Solardome® glasshouse to be used not just a growing space, but a welcoming haven where friends can enjoy the moonlit nights from the warmth of the dome.

“My Solardome® glasshouse has proved to be a world in itself. If the rest of the garden was abandoned, the dome would provide gardening and leisure enough on its own.”

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