Chepstow Community Gardens

Grange Park residents recognised for their ‘Beautiful Blackpool’ community garden.

ChepstowAt the heart of the Grange Park Estate in Blackpool lies an oasis of calm and beauty. This previously neglected wasteland has been transformed into a community garden where everyone can come together to relax and grow plants, fruit and vegetables.

The garden features a SOLARDOME® Retreat which is used to nurture tender plants and as a central shelter and social meeting area for the community.

In 2010, the residents who initiated the project received a special ‘Beautiful Blackpool’ award as part of a competition run by Blackpool Civic Trust to promote green spaces in the area.

Elaine Smith, Chairman of the Blackpool Civic Trust, said:

“It’s been wonderful to see not just neighbours but whole streets and communities pulling together to create beautiful spaces.”

Samantha Cameron, wife of Prime Minister David Cameron visited the garden and praised the residents for their tenacity and enthusiasm:

“There were critics who said that it wouldn’t last, that the glass dome would be vandalised and the garden wouldn’t be used, but they have been proved wrong – Chepstow Community Garden has been an all out success. They already sell a lot of their produce and charge local businesses to plant up their hanging baskets, but still want to do more to build their budding social enterprise.”

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