Danish Forest and Nature Agency

Danish-ForestYoung people educated about global warming in their own Solardome
® ‘World’.

Recognising that educating young people about the challenges of climate change is no mean feat, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency enlisted the help of Solardome Industries to create an innovative and personal way of demonstrating the Greenhouse Effect.

They invited young people between the ages of 5 and fifteen to step inside their very own ‘world’, recreated inside a SOLARDOME® Retreat (6.11m diameter), to experience ‘Balance Kunst’ (Balance Art), an exhibition designed to highlight that the Earth is out of balance due to global warming.

Visitors literally stepped into clouds painted on the floor of the Solardome® glasshouse and found themselves surrounded by other planets; CO2, Hydrogen and Methane molecules; hot-air balloons and aeroplanes and the mountains and sea, the scale of which were depicted on a large central globe. These were complemented by a range of activities about the weather and interesting facts about climate change and the effect it has on us all. Pivotal to the exhibition was ‘Balance-Man’, a super-hero flown in to help restore balance by giving youngsters tips on how to conserve energy.

Exhibition organiser, Rune Lange, from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency enthused:

“With its striking glass and aluminium geodesic design, the Solardome® glasshouse lent itself extremely well to re-creating our own ‘world’. People were really impressed with how we made the Greenhouse effect easily understandable and brought it to life inside the dome.”

He continued “An additional benefit was that the Solardome® glasshouse also acted as a beautiful and strong igloo, standing up to heavy snow during the harshest winter Denmark has experienced in over 15 years. It was a real success.”

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