Dr. Charlier, Isle Of Mull

Dr Charlier relies on his SOLARDOME® Haven to protect his produce from gale force winds and hard frost on the Isle of Mull.

On the Beaufort Scale, force 12 represents the harshest of winds. At this point, hurricane-force winds reach over 74mph prompting 14ft waves and the sea becomes completely white with foam and spray. Unsecured objects are hurled about, and there is severe and widespread damage to vegetation and structures.

SOLARDOME Haven, Isle of MullDr Charlier, from Aros, a small village on the Isle of Mull, uses a SOLARDOME® Haven because he knows it is the only wind resistant glasshouse able to stand up to this type of weather.

Lying off the coast of Western Scotland, the Isle of Mull is one of the most exposed places in the UK, with winds blowing mainly from the North Atlantic sea.

“You can see from the picture how exposed we are”

Year round protection

As well as being able to withstand a month of gale force winds every year, Dr Charlier relies on his SOLARDOME® Haven to protect his produce from numerous days of hard frost and an annual mean temperature of less than 10˚C.

“During the dome’s first winter it withstood a hurricane with no damage.”

A Mediterranean environment

A keen horticulturalist, Dr Charlier finds that a Solardome® glasshouse allows him to grow produce that would usually be more at home in the Mediterranean, let alone survive the harsh Scottish climate.

Figs, grapes, lemons, chillis and tomatoes all thrive in the wind resistant glasshouse because it is proven to be the best structure for nurturing the healthiest and strongest produce. Its unique shape provides maximum solar gain and light transmission, better rigidity and ventilation, and a more uniform temperature than a traditional greenhouse.

Long lasting

With its idyllic setting affording views across the water, Dr Charlier can be assured that his glass dome’s location is also a practical one. The powder-coated aluminium frame is hard wearing against the sea air and will remain rust-free for decades.

When asked about the reaction his dome evokes, Dr Charlier replies, “envy, mostly”.

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