Groves Nurseries

Solardome® garden centre glasshouse creates a striking exhibition space.

Groves Nurseries in Bridport is a family run business representing over 140 years of gardening history through six generations.

SOLARDOME Haven, Goves Nurseries National Collection of violetsLocated amongst the beautiful hills of West Dorset, the Garden Centre and Nursery features a SOLARDOME® Haven. This garden centre glasshouse provides a unique and striking space to host exhibitions throughout the year. Purposely chosen, the glasshouse creates the perfect environment and display area for the nurseries famous collection of Victorian Dorset Violets.

The unique shape of the dome provides an engaging space to exhibit as well as creating a more efficient environment for growing plants than a traditional greenhouse. The plants are receiving maximum light at all times of the day due to the various angles of the glass.

Becky Groves, Nursery Manager, comments:

“Our Solardome® glasshouse is particularly good for displaying our National Collection of Sweet Violets, which need winter sunshine to give them a good amount of flowers.”

SOLARDOME Haven, garden centre glasshouseTeaming up with Dorset Butterfly Conservation, the dome was also used to create an exhibit showing customers how to make their gardens attractive to beneficial insects; particularly butterflies and bees. Filled with plants, flowers and information for the public to read and take away, the garden centre’s glasshouse was transformed into another exciting exhibition space for visitors to enjoy.

Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation Dr Martin said: “We hope that by filling the Solardome® glasshouse with butterfly-friendly plants we can inspire a whole town of gardeners to make a positive difference for butterflies in their own gardens.”

Becky concludes: “We often have enquiries from our customers about the dome. It’s nice to have a structure which is a bit different and an interesting display space, which our customers like.”

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