Mr & Mrs Hösel, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Garden enthusiasts in southern Germany choose a Solardome® POD as the ultimate greenhouse space and sunroom.

Mr and Mrs Hösel, who have always seen their garden as central to their home life, were searching for the perfect structure to enhance their outdoor space.

They desired a robust and versatile glasshouse that could be used for growing and relaxing all year round, but – despite the need for practicality – it would have to be beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Beauty in bloom

Volker Hösel and his wife, Tanja, who live near Stuttgart, approached Solardome Industries while making several improvements to their garden, as they embarked on a mission to make it “an even more beautiful place.”

Geodesic dome in GermanyAfter giving their garden a facelift, they were left with a small empty patio area in the corner of their garden, measuring around four metres, which was ready made for the Solardome® POD.

“We were looking for a long-lasting structure, primarily for growing some of our own fresh produce, that we could build ourselves,” Volker said.

Volker and Tanja opted to customise their geodesic dome with a grey external finish and extra window, and once the order had been completed, they just had to get their garden in tip-top shape ready for the arrival!

From the UK to the Black Forest

After selecting Solardome’s ship out service, the POD made the 600-mile journey safely from the south coast of England to southwestern Germany.

Having already prepped their garden for the special delivery, Volker and Tanja spent the first few months adding their personal touch to the dome with a bistro table and several planters, while their garden blossomed around it.

It really is a multi-purpose space that can be used for what suits you best.

“We are already using the POD as a greenhouse for growing, and next to that there is a planting table that we can use throughout the year,” Volker said.

“There is still enough space for a small table, which gives us the chance to sit in nature come rain or shine,” he added.

Multi-functional and inspirational

Solardome® POD in GermanyVolker and Tanja were overjoyed to finally find the perfect structure to sit in the corner of their charming garden, overlooking their swimming pool.

“The glasshouse gives us the ability to spend time in our garden in all seasons and it really is a multi-purpose space that can be used for what suits you best,” Volker said.

Once their work was done, Volker wanted his garden to be in full bloom before sharing the end result with the outside world.

“We had been waiting to share the first pictures with the team as we believe Solardome® glasshouses deserve to be shown off in a flourishing garden,” he said.


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At a glance

Location Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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The challenge To provide a long-lasting and eye-catching glasshouse worthy of a beautiful garden.
The solution Solardome® POD
Specification Diameter – 3.6m / 11’10”
Height – 2.2m / 7’04”
Area – 8.8m²

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