Jimmy’s Lodge, South Bank, London

Stylish pop-up restaurant used Solardome® glasshouses to host festive diners on the South Bank.

Jimmy’s Lodge, specialising in winter fondues and summer BBQs, is a regular at the popular Christmas spot, wowing visitors with great food and views of the London Eye and Thames River.

They wanted to upgrade their setup for Christmas 2018 and beyond, and when they came across Solardome Industries, they were instantly impressed by the design and quality of the glasshouse range.

A place for fine dining

Inside a Solardome in LondonJimmy’s Pop Up Restaurant, located next to the Waterloo Bridge in London, opted to use Solardome® PODs for their 2018 festive dining experience – going one better than the plastic domes they had previously used. They wanted to provide a structure that would truly stand out with an added ‘wow’ factor for their customers.

The restaurant’s Operations Manager Tom Howe said: “We wanted to upgrade from plastic to offer our guests a premium – and warmer – winter experience!”

They also opted to assemble the Solardome® PODs themselves, and were pleased to receive excellent service to aid the process.

“We took up Solardome’s offer to receive some training at their factory, which was invaluable when it came to understanding the build process.

“As the last sections locked into place during the build, the whole dome became rigid and a great structure,” said Tom.

“Solardome also thoughtfully included some spare parts and glass,” he added.

No shortage of attention

Glass igloo in LondonMoving from plastic to toughened glass, the team at Jimmy’s initially had concerns around heating the domes, but any worries were soon quelled.

Tom explained, “A small electric fan was perfect to keep the domes warm all day, in fact, with 10 guests inside, most turned the heating off and opened the doors!”

Our guests loved the igloo look…they were so popular!

They were also wary of potential noise disruption to their customers on the packed South Bank, but the team later reflected that “the sound proofing was excellent.”

Despite successfully creating a private dining bubble away from London’s hustle and bustle, the team at Jimmy’s didn’t quite anticipate the level of interest that the domes would create!

“Our guests loved the igloo look. They were so popular that we had to lock the doors between sittings, otherwise we would find passers-by in the domes taking a quick picture,” exclaimed Tom.

Comprehensive care

Jimmy’s Lodge are not the average Solardome customer as they install and dismantle their PODs with each new restaurant pop-up, but these operations are made smoother by the ease of the install and extensive customer care that the team provide.

“There have been many questions back and forth about the best way to tackle certain aspects of the build. Gary and the team have always been on the end of the phone,” praised Tom.


Since 2011, Jimmy Garcia and his dedicated team have come to be responsible for some of London’s most talked about pop-up restaurants and concepts. From dinner on the Emirates Cable Car to interactive BBQs in the summer, Jimmy’s Pop Up guarantee great food and unique dining locations.

As well as hosting over 30 weddings per year, they have provided catering for many well-known companies, including Google, Sony, Adidas and Facebook.

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At a glance

Location Jimmy’s Lodge, South Bank, London
View on map
The challenge To provide a private dining experience with a twist during the festive period.
The solution Solardome® POD
Specification (per dome) Diameter – 3.6m / 11’10”
Height – 2.2m / 7’04”
Area – 8.8m²
Capacity – 10 people

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