Joanne Robinson, Lancashire

“Everyone has greenhouse envy.”

Joanne Robinson wanted to create a growing and relaxing space to enhance her passion for healthy eating and to aid her role as a Slimming World coach in Leyland. First discovering SOLARDOME® glasshouses four years ago, she decided to see if she could find one second hand. After two years of searching Joanne Robinson managed to build her dream dome during the 2020 lockdown.

The Best of Both Worlds

The SOLARDOME® glasshouse provides the perfect growing and relaxing space to aid Joanne in her journey to better health.

The dome has made year-round growing easy as the geodesic glass design catches the sun from all angles. Growing her own produce isn’t just a passion; it has also improved her health drastically. Joanne believes that using home grown options in her diet has eased her symptoms of Fibromyalgia; she explains “you are what you eat, by limiting the amount of pesticides on my food it has reduced my symptoms”.

As well as the physical health benefits, the dome provides a relaxing space to help with mental health. Joanne describes it as “so warm it’s perfect, even on cloudy days”, and both her and her husband enjoy sitting in it and listening to the rain fall. The dome faces out on woods at the bottom of the Robinson’s garden so they sit and listen to the birds.

A Sustainable and Enviable Space

Joanne had wanted a SOLARDOME® glasshouse for many years, and after two years of searching she found a second hand one for sale in Anglesey.

“The dome was in a beautiful location, looking out onto the sea but the previous owner was not able take it with him when he moved. It had been his pride and joy for many decades!” Joanne explains.

She wanted to continue the legacy of the dome so dismantled and moved the 30 plus year old dome to her home in Leyland and gave it a second lease of life. She assembled it, along with her husband, during the first lockdown in March 2020.

The restored dome now helps them live a more sustainable life both environmentally and financially. “I love walking around the dome and picking what to eat from it. You get so such pride when you’ve grown it yourself”.

I love walking around the dome and picking what to eat from it. You get so such pride when you’ve grown it yourself.

However, the dome is not only ecological, lowering their carbon footprint, it also has financial benefits too. Joanne says “it helps keep food costs down as we get so much from it.” She has managed to grow lettuce, tomato, gooseberries plus many other healthy vegetables inside the dome.

A Way to Inspire Others

Joanne spends her time inspiring others to make healthy
choices working as a Slimming World Coach.

Her renewed SOLARDOME ® glasshouse has inspired
many of her group members to start growing. “It really helps
during group sessions as everyone has greenhouse envy,
even my massage therapist has got a new greenhouse”.

Joanne not only inspires those local to her with the dome’s
growing power but boasts an impressive Instagram following
with over 3000 followers. On @growingfoodtoeat and
@sw_robinson.jane Joanne uses the platform to share what
she has grown from within the dome, and the recipes used
for home grown produce.

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At a glance

Location Leyland, Lancashire
The challenge To find a structure that allows year-round growing, as well as a space for relaxing in.
The solution SOLARDOME® SD1
Specification Diameter – 3.2m / 10′ 6″

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