Lyndon Green Junior School

Lyndon Green junior School, Acoustics Case-StudyAcoustics of Solardome® outdoor classroom gives pupils something to shout about.

As a ‘good school with many outstanding features’ (OFSTED), Lyndon Green Junior School in Birmingham enhances the opportunities it provides for its 367 pupils by offering a range of extra-curricular activities, such as storytelling, drama, music and orchestra. It also welcomes a higher than average proportion of pupils with statements of educational needs because of its dedicated speech and language unit.

The junior school bought a SOLARDOME® Retreat (6.11m diameter) after being inspired by the Solardome® glasshouse on display at the Education Show and recognising the impact it could have on all areas of outdoor learning.

Benefitting from its superb acoustic properties, the school is now able to use its Solardome® glasshouse as a measurable way of improving the confidence and self-esteem of its pupils through speech and language activities and development.  It has also been transformed into the pupils’ very own ‘Globe Theatre’ to help bring Shakespeare alive and as inspirational environment for storytelling, drama and music lessons.

Additionally, the school flies the Eco-schools Green Flag in recognition of its commitment to environmental excellence and sustainability and so maximises the use of its Solardome® glasshouse by growing plants, fruit and vegetables, in addition to those that thrive in the school allotment.

Delighted with their dome, Head Teacher, Gerrard Rothwell commented:

“We’ve really been able to maximise our outdoor learning potential by combining our growing activities with the flexibility of having an additional outdoor space in which to teach a host of subjects. The Solardome® glasshouse, with its unusual acoustics, has had a real impact on the confidence and self-esteem of some of the pupils because of the speech and language development activities the dome lends itself to. Our pupils love being out there.”

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