Moira Bain, Lanarkshire

It is quite simply stunning and worth every penny.

Moira has always had a passion for growing (mostly through garden centre bought plants and flowers), and when lockdown hit in 2020 her garden became her sanctuary. As a result, Moira decided to diversify what she grew and tried growing vegetables such as potatoes, leeks, carrots, courgettes and spring onions.

The challenge

The Scottish climate being as unpredictable as it is, means her garden gets a lot of rain and sometimes a frost spike which can upset the growth of her plants. In addition, slugs and butterflies destroyed almost all of her cabbage and cauliflower. 

The solution

A teal green and black SOLARDOME POD

As Moira was now spending so much time in her garden, she decided to invest in something to extend the growing season and protect her plants.  She looked at greenhouses but wanted something different from the norm.

“I wanted something with a more interesting shape and, through doing research, came across the geodome shape and Solardome Industries. It looked the part, and the POD was a great size,” Moira said.

Having spoken with the team and looked at all the options, Moira decided to go for a SOLARDOME® POD with bespoke powder coating on the frame – all Moira had to do was provide the RAL no. of her choice of colour. She chose to go with a teal green and black frame.

A teal green and black SOLARDOME POD

From the initial contact through to delivery, her experience with Solardome Industries was positive.

“The delivery was on time, and they even included a touch-up kit for me – just in case!” She comments.

A multipurpose room

A multipurpose room

Not only does Moira use her POD for growing but it also serves as a great social space too. Internally she has a green potting table, seating, flooring, electrics and even Wi-Fi. “We floored it with Raj green smooth and sawn linear sandstone, connected electrics – so we can have heat in the winter, and we even installed a Wi-Fi booster,” explained Moira.

As Moira lives in the Clyde Valley, which is famous for growing tomatoes, she has decided this is her next challenge. “I will be attempting to grow some in my SOLARDOME® POD along with some exotic fruits. Every day, I’m in my dome sipping coffee, reading a book, and hopefully, picking fresh tomatoes soon.” She said.

Positive reactions

SOLARDOME POD on new years eve

During Hogmanay, Moira had two nephews who visited from Italy. It was the perfect room to see in the New year and watch all fireworks.  One of her nephews even commented that the dome geometry is copied from a beehive that can withstand most types of bad weather.

Everyone who has seen her dome has been impressed with it.  Moira explains,

Everyone who visits takes a sharp increase of breath when they see the dome. It is quite simply stunning and worth every penny. 

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At a glance

Location Carluke, Lanarkshire
View on map
The challenge To extend the growing season and protect her plants from insects and bugs
The solution SOLARDOME® POD
Specification (per dome) Diameter – 3.6m / 11’10”
Height – 2.2m / 7’04”
Area – 8.8m²
Capacity – 10 people


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