Mr & Mrs Morgan, Kent

Couple in Kent add a Solardome® POD to their English country garden.

Ann and Hugh Morgan have always enjoyed relaxing on their patio and were looking for more ways to spend quality time outdoors, even in the colder months.

They were seeking a truly meaningful design statement for their garden in Tunbridge Wells.

Alan Titchmarsh to the rescue!

POD dome in KentStuck in lockdown, Ann and Hugh were short on inspiration when it came to outdoor garden rooms – until they caught a re-airing of ITV’s Love Your Garden, which featured a Solardome® POD.

Ann quickly began researching Solardome Industries, checking out various articles, including Prof. Cubie’s Haven and Jimmy’s Lodge, and soon settled on the POD.

“After choosing the self-assembly option, the dome was delivered as promised punctually and without any problems whatsoever,” said Hugh.

“The website, concise installation manuals and videos all made the experience so simple and easy to comprehend,” he added.

The best of nature

The Solardome® glasshouse was an instant hit – and made summer 2020 much brighter for the Morgans.

POD dome structure“The POD has been set up as a small refuge at the bottom of our garden, where we can sit and enjoy the views of our garden with the added protection from the outside elements,” said Hugh.

Ann and Hugh added furniture and a power supply but – despite the POD being the smallest in the glasshouse range – still had plenty of room to spare.

“After adding heating, lighting and a table and chairs, we had space left over to include various potting trays and plants,” he added.

‘Our Eden bubble’

In large part, Hugh and Ann were attracted to the glass dome due to its wow factor and unique design – and it did not disappoint.

The POD is without doubt a stunning, iconic design. It provides a wonderful focal point in our garden and delightful vista from the house,” said Hugh.

“It was even described by our neighbour as a ‘wonderful Eden bubble project’” he added.

Meanwhile, they were pleased that its visual appeal was matched by the service from the Solardome team.

“From start to finish, the customer experience was impeccable and completely professional,” complimented Hugh.

“Every query we had was answered most attentively by the sales team or the technical experts when we wanted guidance during the installation. First class service all round!”


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At a glance

Location Tunbridge Wells, Kent
View on map
The challenge To provide an iconic glasshouse for relaxing and admiring the outside world all year round.
The solution Solardome® POD
Specification Diameter – 3.6m / 11’10”
Height – 2.2m / 7’04”
Area – 8.8m²

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