Mr and Mrs Gawne, Isle of Man

“Everyone who has seen our Solardome glasshouse has been impressed.”

Allen and Joyce Gawne wanted to create a peaceful and relaxing environment where they could maximize the position of the sun and the views of their garden and tourist Steam Train. The SOLARDOME® Haven was the perfect solution for them.

A Restful Space

The Haven is situated in an area originally occupied by a greenhouse. Not only did it benefit from all day sun, the greenhouse also included an old Grape Vine in which Allen wanted to keep in its original location as a feature within the Dome. He says, “I am delighted the vine has survived and is beginning to produce grapes once again within the abundant foliage.”

“We have a large garden, with a workshop and summerhouse. The best position of the sun is by the house, which also gives us great views of the garden and the steam train. The Haven is a great addition to any house.” says Allen.

The Dome was set up as a small ‘haven’, with comfortable furniture where they can sit and enjoy the relaxing ambience of the dome and views of their garden, all year round.

“We have enjoyed our first summer and winter in our dome and are learning the skills of carefully venting. Internally the dome is fully fitted with artificial grass and soft furnishing making it a very restful space for family and friends.” says Allen.

The SOLARDOME® Haven also gives them added peace of mind when their grandchildren come to visit, with clear glass panels offering 360-degree views of the garden. 

Allen explains, “It gives us easy access to see the grandchildren whilst they play in the garden and we relax in comfort. They also love using the Dome to do their homework in.”

The Wow Factor

The Dome also benefits from magnificent views of the 1870’s tourist Steam Train trundling up the highest part of its 15-mile track.

“Having made that journey a few times, we have enjoyed seeing the Dome in our garden. We feel it adds further interest to the route.”

The positive impression of their dome from family and friends also hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Everyone who has seen our Solardome glasshouse has been impressed.

“We have even had a few “wows” which is very satisfying to both Joyce and I!” Allen added.

Offshore Challenges

Due to their offshore location, the challenge for Allen and Joyce was being able to find an outside structure that was easily shipped and offered simple self-assembly.

Allen was drawn to the SOLARDOME® Haven due to its unique design and self-build option. There was also the added challenge of building the structure on a slight slope, and although the initial groundworks were a little tricky, the actual build of the Dome, with a little help from his brother, was simple with easy to follow instructions.

“After choosing the self-assembly option, the Dome arrived safely in two large crates both very expertly packed and the self-build instructions were very clear,” says Allen.

Allen also installed an aluminum webbed frame, which allowed the existing Grape Vine to flourish and grow in its original position, without the need to re-plant.

The underfloor cavity, created by the frame ring beam, also allowed the inclusion of underfloor power and data sockets in each quarter of the lawned floor, all of which prove extremely useful throughout the year, especially at Christmas for the tree lights.

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At a glance

Location Port Soderick, Isle of Man
View on map
The challenge To find an outside structure that was easy to ship and offered self-assembly due to the offshore location.
The solution Solardome® Haven
Specification Diameter – 4.61m / 15’01”
Height – 3.05m / 10’01”
Area – 14.93m2

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