Mr & Mrs Fall, West Sussex

Mr & Mrs Fall were after a new greenhouse, but not just any greenhouse, a greenhouse that could also be used as a multipurpose outdoor room for dining and relaxing in.

As keen gardeners, they wanted an environment perfect for growing salad and crops as well as providing the opportunity to nurture semi-tender plants.

Determined to make this dream a reality, they began their research and that’s when they spotted Solardome Industries online. Having discussed the options available, Mr & Mrs Fall were pleased to find out that not only was there a showroom where the domes could be seen, but that there was actually a customer’s dome only three miles away. Solardome arranged a visit for Mr & Mrs Fall to see the local SOLARDOME® Retreat, a 6.11m diameter glasshouse. This gave them the opportunity to see the dome up close and experience the benefits of its unique structure and see how another couple had maximized its usage as an outdoor room.

After seeing this multipurpose outdoor room, their minds were made up. Andrea Fall comments:

We were impressed with the quality of the build and the space it gave. Having a garden that is quite exposed and often windy, the strength of the structure as well as the superior light levels of the dome really appealed.

After a year to get their plans in place and secure the necessary planning permission and Mr & Mrs Fall instructed their local builder to build the base. In just two days at the beginning of 2013, their SOLARDOME® Retreat was built by the Solardome team.

SOLARDOME Retreat, multipurpose outdoor roomSince installing the dome, they have created soil beds around the inside perimeter and a central patio area for seating and dining. There is plenty of space for a potting table and additional folding staging at busy times of the year.

Andrea says:

Its unusual dome design has provoked lots of great comments from friends and neighbours. Already we have had quite a crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines and the vine is growing well. We have plans to expand the planting over the autumn and look forward to using it to relax in on cooler days.

At a glance

Location West Sussex
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The challenge To have a greenhouse with difference that could also be used as a multipurpose outdoor room for dining and relaxing in.
The solution SOLARDOME® Retreat
Dome specification Diameter – 6.11m / 20′

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