Mr & Mrs Jones, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

JonesThis glorious Essex garden has seaside views and to make the most of them the Jones’ are using their new dome as a greenhouse, sunroom and dining area

Three years ago, Mr and Mrs Jones became interested in having a geodesic dome greenhouse, but at the time the smallest dome available was too large for their compact garden. Then in 2012 the SOLARDOME® POD was launched; which at 3.5m diameter was the perfect size. The Jones’ choose a Solardome® glasshouse because they thought the unique geodesic design had a modern look and would complement their distinctive art deco house perfectly.

The couple loves gardening and at the moment they are growing herbs, Bok-Choy and winter salad in their dome. They are also over-wintering potted Stralitzias and Bottle Brush plants from their terrace. Additionally the Jones’ have found that as well as having a great greenhouse, they’ve also got a place where they can relax. It’s somewhere they can enjoy their stunning garden and seaside views all year around. They have found that when the sun is shining the dome captures the warmth and so they use the dome as a sunroom and additional dining space. The SOLARDOME® POD is now their own little haven where they can soak up the sun’s rays and eat alfresco even on a crisp winter’s day.

The Jones’ said,

“We’re so pleased with our new dome. The atmosphere inside is always pleasant even in the worst weather. When the sun is shining it is really warm inside. We have lunch in our new ‘restaurant’ every day, even though it’s now late November.”

Since building their dome, the Jones’ have laid quarry tiles on the inside floor and a matching path from the dome entrance to their terrace. They’ve also added staging units and a table and chairs to the interior. They hope to make more additions to their glasshouse, including many more plants and vegetable trays.

The Jones’ went on to say

“One of the builders who helped us put up the dome over the summer had just got back from travelling round Thailand. When he took a step inside the finished SOLARDOME® POD he remarked that it was like being back in an exotic location!”

At a glance

Location Essex, UK
The challenge To provide a sunroom and additional dining space
The solution SOLARDOME® POD
Dome specification 2-frequency geodesic dome
Diameter – 3.62m / 11’ 10”
Height – 2.22m / 7’ 4”
Volume – 15m3 / 529ft3
Internal Area – 8.83m2 / 95ft2

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