Mr & Mrs Newland, Croydon

Garden-loving couple pick out the Solardome® POD as a luxury growing and relaxing space.

Eric Newland and his wife, Marilyn, who own a well-tendered, leafy garden, were searching for a high-quality, long-lasting glasshouse to enjoy their outdoor space even further.

Switching the focus

The couple, who live on the outskirts of London, approached Solardome Industries at the start of 2020, having seen the Solardome® PODs at Jimmy’s Lodge on the South Bank.

Geodesic dome in Croydon“We were looking for a multi-purpose garden room with enough space to house a small sitting area and plants around the edge,” said Eric.

They wanted to “change the focal point of the garden” with the POD and, to take a step closer to their dream, were soon considering the build options: self-assembly or installation by Solardome.

After choosing to take advantage of Solardome’s well-established installation service, the build was scheduled in quick time, ready for spring 2020.

A lockdown gift

The Solardome team made the short trip to Croydon in March, and installed the POD inside a day.

Eric had prepped his base promptly, and couldn’t wait to get his new garden project underway. The dome proved to be not only an exciting arrival, but also a very timely one when, just a matter of days later, a UK lockdown was announced due to COVID-19.

“The POD provides our own bubble within a bubble, and we’re using it most days. It is full of plants and we still have room for a table and chairs,” said Eric.

“It has changed the focus of our garden completely, and turned a north facing garden into a south facing one,” he added.

Garden transformation

Solardome® POD in CroydonIn terms of design and functionality, the geodesic dome has helped Eric and Marilyn make more out of their garden than ever.

To maximise the space, Eric has been able to grow potted plants around the outside of the dome, knowing there would be no structural damage if they ever fell into the base plates.

Meanwhile, the white frame brings some flair and a unique design statement to the structure – that is otherwise dominated by clear glass panels, which bring 360-degree views and a distinct feeling of being in nature.

The POD has changed the focus of our garden completely!

The dome has pride of place in their garden as it basks in the sunshine for long periods, but also gets plenty of shade, thanks to the picturesque oak and fir trees that surround it.

“We’re growing so much, including citrus trees and bougainvilleas, which are thriving in the dome’s environment,” Eric said.

This was the first of many PODs to be delivered this year – some of whom were inspired by the re-airing of ITV’s Love Your Garden in May 2020.


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At a glance

Location South Croydon, UK
View on map
The challenge To provide a multi-purpose garden room, principally for growing and relaxing.
The solution Solardome® POD
Specification Diameter – 3.6m / 11’10”
Height – 2.2m / 7’04”
Area – 8.8m²

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