Park View Infant School

An outdoor classroom to enhance and enrich learning outside the classroom.

Learning outside the classroom at Park View Infant SchoolFollowing a visit to the Solardome Industries showroom in Southampton, the teachers and management team at Park View Infant School were inspired to purchase the 6m diameter SOLARDOME® Retreat as an outdoor classroom. With a multi-coloured internal framework and white external finish the glass dome is a key focal point to their interactive outdoor environment.

The geodesic glass dome outdoor classroom was financed by the school and fundraising by children and parents. Sharon Cripps, School Business Manager explains:

We chose a Solardome® outdoor classroom to enhance and enrich our learning outside the classroom programme. The children love it and the parents and teachers have been very positive”.

The dome is utilised daily during class time for bird watching, growing plants, small group work and music. It is also used as a playtime quiet area and outside of school hours hosts a toddler group and parents meetings.

Lucy Cody, Teacher, enthuses:

We try and incorporate the dome into our planning as much as possible. We use it for music and drama, teaching about the seasons and the natural environment around them. We also use it at break times as a quiet area and lay out books and pillows for the children to come and relax away from the classroom.”

Another Teacher, Holly Coles, agrees with Lucy:

Learning outside the classroom brings learning to life. When you take the children out into the dome they enjoy first hand experiences they wouldn’t normally get in the classroom, even in the winter and when the weather is poor.”

Holly continues:

By bringing them outside where things are happening and growing, and where they can see and touch things, it is much better for their learning and helps engage all the children. I definitely think the Solardome® outdoor classroom inspires the teaching staff and the children.”

Business Manager, Sharon concludes by reflecting on her experience dealing with the Solardome team “They have been excellent. The school has received very good customer service from beginning to end.”

At a glance

Location Park View Infant School
Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK
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The challenge To create an outdoor interactive classroom environment.
The solution SOLARDOME® Retreat
Dome summary Diameter 6.2m (20ft 7in)
Height 3.4m (11ft 5in)
Area 28.5m2 (307ft2)

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