Mr & Mrs Viaene, Leuven, Belgium

Belgian couple chose a Solardome® POD as an idyllic reading room and relaxing spot.

Mr and Mrs Viaene have always spent a lot of time in their beautiful garden, just outside Brussels, so decided to look for an outdoor structure that would extend its use even further.

They were seeking a unique, eye-catching and low maintenance glasshouse for their home, which could be used as a sheltered sitting room all year round.

Why a Solardome® POD?

Bart and his wife, Anneli, first enquired as part of several potential garden projects, and were encouraged by Solardome’s offer to superimpose the dome models onto their grounds to help them plan and realise their vision.

Geodesic dome in BelgiumAfter some consideration, they opted for the Solardome® POD. Despite being the smallest model in the glasshouse range, they decided it would offer plenty of space for a couple’s sitting area and growing space.

“Anneli often uses it to relax in a sheltered environment. We also use it to store our potted plants that are not winter-hardy,” said Bart.

“A new set of bells was installed in the church tower next to us, and our dome is an ideal spot to enjoy the concerts that take place there,” he added.

In great shape

The POD – the first Solardome® geodesic dome to be installed in Belgium – was assembled by Bart. It now sits proudly at the foot of the Viaene’s picturesque garden, and receives a lot of attention, particularly from Anneli.

Maintenance is practically zero. We’ve cleaned the glass once in three years!

“Anneli regularly visits the dome to read, and keeps it in beautiful shape,” said Bart.

However, he joked that he’s allowed to ‘borrow’ it from time to time!

“When it’s too cold or wet outside, my muddy and thirsty mountain bike pals use the POD for post-ride drinks,” he said.

Storms and near misses

Solardome® POD in the snowMr and Mrs Viaene experienced the strength of Solardome® glasshouses first-hand when freak weather came to Belgium.

“The POD effortlessly survived the storm of March 10th [2019] that toppled a huge beech tree nearby,” said Bart.

Despite kinder weather since, Bart and Anneli had a scare of a different kind – involving a much smaller threat.

Our pine trees were hit by a beetle plague, but, thankfully, I managed to fell the dead ones without hitting the dome,” Bart recounted.

“Our POD is perfect! Once we’ve made progress with our other garden projects, I would certainly consider purchasing another Solardome® geodesic dome,” he added.


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At a glance

Location Heverlee, Leuven, Belgium
View on map
The challenge To provide a versatile glasshouse for growing and relaxing all year round.
The solution Solardome® POD
Specification Diameter – 3.6m / 11’10”
Height – 2.2m / 7’04”
Area – 8.8m²

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